Sunday, September 5, 2010

College Football Season

So there is absolutely no doubt that I'm not the only one writing about college football season.  But I am just so excited about it, and I figure I might as well.  Watched football all day yesterday, it was amazing.  My roommate and I have both of our tv's in the living room, my 42" plasma, his 46" LCD, and I just had two games on at all times.  Feels good man.

Anyway, on to the good stuff.

First point, congratulations to K-State.  That's a big win in a big season opener against UCLA.  At first I think Kansas State was a little shaky, maybe just getting the butterflies out.  But later, especially in the 4th quarter they really settled down and found their grove.  If they continue playing like that, watch out Big XII North, you've got another contender.  All in all, I'm actually pretty impressed with all of the North teams, all played well, with the exception of Kansas.  I hope they can get that sorted out, I'd like to see Turner Gill do well.

Two teams that played somewhat underwhelming games in my opinion.  Texas and Florida.  Both played teams that they should have beat by more in my opinion.  In fact, it wasn't apparent until late in each game that it seemed sure that Texas and Florida would win.  In contrast, Oklahoma State, Florida State, and Penn State really showed up yesterday.  I was impressed with all three teams, and Penn State's quarterback, Robert Bolden was very impressive, going 20 for 29 with 2 touchdowns.  I would call that a great start.

As for my two favorites, Nebraska and Iowa State, I was impressed with both and disappointed in both.  Iowa State I feel just had lapses in concentration and made mistakes.  This should be an easily fixed issue, and I am excited to see what happens in Paul Rhodes' second season, it is easy to see that he wants to be where he is, and it has helped the ISU team immensely.  Nebraska, I'm happy to say, finally has an offense to speak of.  Hopefully this season they can become more of an offensive threat.  The defense I feel needs to show some improvement.  The skill is there, they just need to apply it better.

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Last but not least, remember that its not fall, and its not autumn, its College Football Season


  1. i've always thought about the difference between fall and autumn. and football season. yeah, so I'm now following. :)

  2. poopin' da shit outta this blowq!

    smoochies :*

  3. I dont really like football but you make it seem interesting :P

  4. You always keep me interested. Your writing grips me for whatever reason.

  5. dont you need soccer?


  6. Haha nice, just showing support. Check out my blog sometime. By the way I watched that whole bugatti veyron video and damn is all I can say.

  7. Showing some support because I wish we had American football across the atlantic.